FREE Cancelation

Reservation cancellations are always free

Payment on arrival

Payment will be made in the office, once you have arrived.

Insurance included

Third party accidents, vehicle theft and personal accidents included

Do not pay more for your fuel

We do not do business with fuel. Just return the car as you received it

Unlimited mileage

You have unlimited mileage on your trips. Enjoy your vacation without worries

Second driver Free

The second driver is free and can be added in the office

Book now, pay later

The best way to rent a car.

Choose your vacation

Select your vacation dates and destination and choose from a wide range of vehicles

Free reservation, no credit card necessary

we will never ask for your credit card on the web. you can book totally free.

Pay when you arrive at your destination

Payment is in the office, when you arrive and sign your contract.

FAQs about car rental in the Canary Islands

Car rental at Omega Rent a Car in the Canary Islands

Thanks to its unique characteristics, the paradisiacal Canary Islands is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world to visit.

At Omega Rent a Car we make sure that our rates are adapted to the needs and budget of each client. Farther For Less.

Among them is the island of Gran Canaria where you can enjoy its culture, history and tradition mainly in its capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. But it is true that renting a vehicle is of great help, either for tourism so as not to miss any of the surprises that it houses inside, or for business, achieving significant savings in your time

Which car rental agency to go to?

At Omega Rent a Car you will find a wide range of rental cars in Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. Offering a quality service with a large varied fleet of vehicles, fitting the specific needs of each client.

We recommend you visit our official offices. In them you can enjoy an excellent experience in renting a car or motorcycle, where we will advise you and give you support throughout your rental. Enjoy our great offer that adapts to your needs, achieving a full and satisfactory experience. Next, we tell you more about us and our offices: